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Is the name cheesy? Yes. But then again the whole idea of "hydrating" your objects is as well. Every time I hear it being used I picture a Gatorade-like commercial, sorry a "G"-like commercial (hence the name): "Do you hate CRUD operations? Do your objects need to be hydrated? Then look no further than HaterAide." Or something like that...

Anyway, HaterAide is a simple ORM (Object Relational Mapper) that was originally designed as a learning project found here. It was originally designed for small ASP.Net projects but has since been expanded to include a number of features including automatic updates to the database based on changes in the object mappings, audit tables and triggers are automatically generated, stored procedure based calls for any internal call, etc. At present, however it does have some limitations, such as only working with a single database at a time, only having support for SQL Server, etc. So while it isn't as feature rich as some ORMs, it does cure a couple of pain points. A good example is it uses no XML for class definitions, more complex queries are possible with minimal SQL knowledge, and it generates stored procedures, making it easier to switch out the ORM if needed.

This project uses some code from Craig's Utility Library and a couple of other libraries and are needed to work (however compiled versions are included in the download).

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